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I Will Get You Out Of This Funk Oculus Rift

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I Will Get You Out Of This Funk Oculus Rift

Morgan Lee has had a crush on you for as long as you can remember.Not that it mattered since you were dating a jealous bitch that would never go in on a threesome with her. Those days are over though. Your girlfriend left you a few days ago and you have been feeling blue about it. On the bright side, Morgan Lee is stopping by to cheer you up. Morgan Lee knows just how to make you feel better. She put on that outfit that always seems to catch your eye. You know, the tight black shirt that exposes her stomach and lets you see her cute belly button piercing. The skirt that barely covers her exceptional ass and leaves you wanting to see more. The cockblocking girlfriend is gone though. Today, Morgan Lee gets to call the shots. Time to turn the gaming console off and to see what Morgan Lee is all about...
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