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Cutie Falls Prey To A Sex Prank

When guys rent a flat together they need to create a set of rules which concerns their future girlfriends or lovers. Those rules usually say no peeping or no entering the room without a knock and things like that. One of the roommates invites a cutie he meets in the club to his room where they make passionate sex all night long. Another dude keeps listening to sounds of their passion all night long and finally decides to watch them doing it. He enters the room and realizes his friend is not there but the chick is sleeping with her butt sticking out from under the blanket. Hottie is wearing a sleep mask so the guy can watch her as much as he wants. Soon chick lover returns and a prank idea comes into his mind. He wakes the cutie up and puts a dick into her mouth and then changes pose so another dude can do the same. Of course the chick understand they crack a joke but she agrees to continue the game even without the sleep mask.
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