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Wedding Can Wait - Melody Marks Smartphone | Download VR | X-PORN.ORG

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Wedding Can Wait - Melody Marks Smartphone | Download VR | X-PORN.ORG

Melody Marks VR is on the verge of getting married to her longtimeboyfriend. She has one last night of fun planned with all of herfriends. The idea of being with the same man for the rest of her lifemakes her nervous, but she has never cheated on her boyfriend anddoesn't plan to start now. She has let her friends know that they canhave fun, but that she wanted nothing to do with any strippers or onenight stands. She is confused when her friends are late and worriedwhen she sees a handsome stranger come into the room. In this VR pornvideo, he tells her that he is her gift and that she is to doeverything he says. Seeing the serious look in his eyes, she decidesthat a one night fling with a strong, dominant stud might be just thething she needs. He wants to see her body and orders her to strip. Hisform voice and dark star press all of her submissive buttons. When shereaches out and feels how hard his cock is, she knows he wants her asmuch as she wants him. After she tastes his dick, he bends her overand thrusts deep inside of her pussy. Her future husband has neverfucked her so hard or deep and she loves every stroke. Being takenthis way brings out the animal in her and she begs him to put his handon her throat when she is close to cumming. She wants to get him offand rides his cock with all her might before he orders her to kneeland beg him to unload all over her face. Tomorrow she will be herhusband's new bride, but she will always be his slut.
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