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From Shy To Showy - MINA VON D Gear vr

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From Shy To Showy - MINA VON D Gear vr

Mina has been her boss' personal assistant for three years now. Shehas taken care of his needs at the office and admired him from afar soas not to jeopardize her job and because he was married. After a messydivorce, Mina is disappointed that her boss still doesn't seem tonotice her no matter how hard she tries to flirt with him. Instead ofpicking up on her hints, he keeps giving her more and more work to do.When he assigns her to the task of overseeing his bedroom renovation.Deciding that it is now or never, Mina is waiting for him in thebedroom on the day of completion. Mina makes her intentions clear. Shewants to break into the new bedroom with her boss. Fucking her wetholes any way he wants has to be better than watching VR Porn alone.Surely he can't turn her down. He agrees, but only if she is willingto do anything and everything he saw in VR porn videos. His words aremusic to her ears and she shivers as his fingers brush the hair awayfrom her face. Stripping down to a sexy outfit she wore just for him,Mina happily takes his big cock between her lips and down her throat.Once she has it nice and wet, he spins her around and fucks his hornyassistant from behind. She holds on tight while he pounds her harderthan anyone ever has. After riding herself to a massive climax, Minais ordered to lick his cock clean and then eat a big load from hisballs. Her first day as his private fucktoy is over, but it is justthe beginning.
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