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Sperm Donation - Natasha Teen Smartphone

Natasha Teen and her new husband have been trying desperately to getpregnant. Ever since their honeymoon, they have been all over oneanother. They watch VR porn videos and make love every chance they getand she still can't get pregnant. Desperate for answers, they pay avisit to the doctor to see what he can do to help them. He takes onelook at the cute blonde and knows what he needs to do. While Natasha'shusband is away, he tells her that while they cannot have childrentogether, he can help them. In this VR porn video, the doctor whipsout his cock and offers it to Natasha. It is much longer and thickerthan the one she is used to and the pretty teen sucks on it hungrily.She believes that the doctor can deliver on what he promises and getsnaked so he can get to work putting his sperm in her. It fills her upand makes her moan. She is so loud that her husband comes back andsees what is happening to his pretty, young wife. Her husband isshocked when he hears the doctor's plan but will do anything to makeher happy. To calm him down, she starts sucking his cock while the dockeeps rocking her pussy from behind. He wants to fuck her, but thedoctor warns them not to mess with his therapy so she lets hubby fuckher tight ass. This pushes him over the edge and he cums on her facewhile the doctor blows his load deep inside of her pussy. At thisrate, she will be pregnant in no time. Natasha happily agrees toweekly appointments until the deed is done.
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