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I Know Your Fetish - Natasha Teen Smartphone

Precocious blonde coed Natasha Teen comes home from a long day ofshopping complaining of sore feet. Walking around for hours in heelshas her in pain and she needs instant relief. Her complaints to herstepfather fall on deaf ears as he does his best to ignore herwhining. All you want her to do is leave you alone so you can enjoysome alone time with your VR Headset and some porn hotties. When itbecomes clear she won't stop until she gets her way, you agree to giveher the foot massage she is begging for. In this VR porn movie, youtake off her shoes and stockings and begin to rub her bare feet. Fromyour vantage point, you can see right up Natasha's skirt to her littlepanties. You try to look away, but this is turning her on and shebegins to rub her pussy. She has wanted you for a long time and is notabout to let this opportunity get away. Since you feel the same way,it is only a matter of moments until your arousal is apparent. Youfeel the same and have to take your cock out before it bursts fromyour jeans. Natasha wraps her feet around your meat and begins tostroke. Now she has your full attention and tells you what she reallywants. Too turned on to say no, you let her rub oil all over your dickand slide her tight pussy over it until every inch is buried. Sheloves the feel of your big dick inside of her and squeals with delightwhen your skilled strokes make her cum. You want to see her prettyface all messy so you blast a huge load of ball batter that covers hersmilingmouth.
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