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Hard Candy To Swallow - Stacy Bloom Smartphone

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Hard Candy To Swallow - Stacy Bloom Smartphone

There you are. Stacy Bloom thought you would never get here. Don't youknow it's not polite to leave a lady waiting? It's a good thing you'reso cute or she might not forgive you so easily. Well, come on in. Doyou like her outfit? She bought it special just for tonight. Stacytold you she was going to have a VR surprise for you. She knows youcan see her nipples. She picked it out to make sure you could see justhow stiff you make them. How do you like the view from the back? Stacyknows you like her ass and now you can have a better look at it. Itturns her on knowing how you love to stare at her. Does her ass turnyou on? Does it make your cock as hard as her nipples? It does? Thishot VR pornstar thinks you need to prove it to her. Yes, right now.Take it out. Let her see your dick. Wow, it's already so big and hard.You weren't lying. You really do like how this looks on her. A promiseis a promise. You showed your cock so Stacy can show you more of herbody. How do you like her tits? What? You want to see more? She isdown, but you have to stroke off for her. Come on, faster, stroke itfor her. Oh, that looks good. She wants it in here, right in herpussy. Oh look at you, are you about to, yes. Yes! Cum hard for Stacy,she wants to see it all. That was hot, but now she needs you inside ofher. Do you think you can still fuck her after you shoot your load inyour hand?
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