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Dreaming Of You - Serina Gomez Gear vr

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Dreaming Of You - Serina Gomez Gear vr

Serina Gomez has been without a boyfriend for far too long. She hasbeen living back at home with her parents and has been so busy withcollege that she hasn't had time for dating. That has left herconstantly frustrated and horny day and night. Making matters worse,her handsome stepbrother is also living at home, filling her head withinappropriate VR fantasies. Her thoughts even invade her dreams whileshe sleeps. In this VR porn scene, she wakes up from a very hot one,moaning loudly enough for you to peek into her room to check on her.Seeing you face to face with her mind racing and body turned on, shedecides to see if you share her naughty feelings. Turning over,she wiggles her ass in front of your eyes and starts to tell you aboutthe sex dream she was having. You don't move or try to change thesubject so she tells you that if you want to hear the rest, you haveto take out your cock and stroke for her. Watching you pump your meat,she describes her vivid, naughty dream to you. Serina can see youthrobbing and getting close to cumming and decides to help you byshowing even more of her body. Opening her legs, she encourages you tokeep stroking harder and faster. The sight of you losing it andshooting all over her bed sends Serina into a fit of orgasmic bliss.Sometimes, with the right step sister, dreams do cometrue.
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