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Look What I Can Do - Alexa Flexy Oculus Rift

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Look What I Can Do - Alexa Flexy Oculus Rift

Alexa Flexy has a rocky relationship with her mother. Somehow theyjust never seem to see eye to eye. She gets along great with herstepfather, however. So well that he has absolutely no trouble payingfor her extra dance and gymnastics classes. He is happy to fork overthe extra money each month because they also have a naughty secret.When her mother is away, Alexa likes to give her stepfather privatedemonstrations of just how well the classes are working to keep herbody in top form. In this VR porn scene, she has picked out a specialblack outfit complete with knee-high socks, a cropped top and a thongto show off her toned ass. Knowing that her outfit will get yourattention, the pretty blonde starts showing off how the classes havehelped her flexibility. You watch as she lifts her foot above herhead, enjoying your very own VR Porn Scene right in your own livingroom. She can see that your cock is already hard, but wants to showyou how easily she can do the splits. Look at how the lessons havemade my body so much more flexible, she teases knowing it is drivingyou mad with desire. Bouncing with her legs spread wide, she teasesyou and tells you she wishes she was riding your big dick. You takeout your cock and stroke it while she strips to show off her firmtits. They have played this game before and as much as she likesshowing off, Alexa knows that her pussy needs relief. She slips herfingers inside and moans as she watches your cum fly from your cock.Next time, she is going to do the spits on you and feel that loadinside herbody.
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