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Who Did This To You - Anastasia Ocean Smartphone

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Who Did This To You - Anastasia Ocean Smartphone

Today is your lucky day. You stop by your friend's house to give her aride to the big party. She's gone, but inside you find her sexy bestfriend Anastasia Ocean all tied up and gagged. You remove the gag andtry to find out who did this to her. She tells you that her frienddidn't approve of the outfit she was wearing and tied her up to keepher from going to the party looking like that. In this VR porn scene,you untie her and she is so grateful to you that she makes you anoffer you can't refuse. Her friend didn't want her going to the partylooking like a VR porn ho, so she proposed that she stay home and actlike a real whore with her friend. It probably isn't a good idea, butshe can see how hard your cock is and has it in her mouth before thevoice of reason kicks in. Turning around, she wiggles her ass andoffers her pussy to you for being so kind as to save her. Now that shehas your cock in her, Anastasia gets aggressive and rides it likeshe's trying to break it off inside of her tight hole. You had noticedthat she was growing into a hottie, but had no idea that she was sucha freak. She pumps your cock in her hole until you get close and thenaims it right at her pretty face. Who needs to go to the party whenthis little slut is up for round two already?
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