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Next Level Service - Sarah Jessie Smartphone

Sarah Jessie runs a car wash company with a twist. She will come andwash your ride wearing a skimpy outfit that is sure to turn you on.Once the ride is fully clean, she offers some additional items thather clients can indulge in. Usually this simply means a full bodymassage in one of her sexy bikinis but today things are going toescalate. Sarah Jessie usually doesn't have clients that look as hotas you. Halfway through the massage package Sarah Jessie can barelycontain herself. She is soaking wet and it isn't from the carwash.Sarah finds you and your cock irresistible and wants to take you for aride. She originally just wanted to ride your motorcycle but now allshe can think about if sitting on your hard cock and grinding it untilyou both cum. Think you can do that for her? Sarah Jessie isn't toomuch of a sex charged woman for you to handle, is she? Time to putthat cock to work and show Sarah Jessie you have what it takes to blowher mind (and yourload).
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