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Disturbing The Peace - Zlata Shine Smartphone

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Disturbing The Peace - Zlata Shine Smartphone

Zlata Shine and her husband lead an exciting life. They are young,attractive, rich and have fantastic friends. They throw crazy partiesevery weekend and often engage in raucous VR porn lovemaking sessionsthat last well into the night. Everything is going just great untiltheir landlord stops by. He is tired of the complaints, tired of thenoise, the parties and has had enough. He wants them out, right now.On the other hand, he has heard about their all-night fuck sessionsand has a proposal that will allow them to stay in the house andliving the lifestyle they have become accustomed to. In this VR pornvideo, Zlata catches his meaning and slowly spreads her legs to showhim that her pussy is wet from his commanding presence. Her husband isshocked but doesn't want to be kicked out of the house so he goesalong with the plan and watches his beautiful wife start sucking theirlandlord's fat cock. Surprised to see how much she is enjoyingherself, he is shocked when his wife reaches back and spreads hercheeks to invite him to join the fun. His cock slides easily into herwet pussy as he matches the landlord's strokes in her mouth. Zlata hasnever had two dicks at once but has always fantasized about it. Nowshe gets to feel two hard pricks filling her holes. As Zlata rides hiscock, he sees her take the landlord's load all over her face. Thatpushes him over the edge and he leaves a big load deep in his wife'ssteamy twat.
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