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Let The Hands Do The Job - Matty Oculus Rift

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Let The Hands Do The Job - Matty Oculus Rift

Matty's boyfriend is coming home from college in a week and she wantsto make it special. Her friends suggest some sexy lingerie so Mattygoes shopping and picks out something hot. When she tries it on, shedoesn't like the way it looks. It makes her feel self-conscious abouther body and she is afraid that it will disappoint her boyfriend.Worried, she seeks a second opinion, but the only person home is herstepbrother. Matty goes into his room and finds him with his headseton watching some VR Porn. What she doesn't know is that you arewatching sexy VR scenes and thinking naughty thoughts about yoursexy stepsister. She asks you what you think of her outfit, if itmakes her look sexy and if you think her boyfriend will like it. Youare speechless, but she can see the big bulge in your pants and knowsthat you like it. It has been a long time since she has seen herboyfriend so Matty decides to tease you some and even encourages youto take your cock out and stroke it. She is shocked to see that it ismuch bigger and thicker than her boyfriend's. Her pussy is getting wetas she shows off more of her body. Feeling much better about her body,her outfit and how much she can turn men on, she takes off her clothesand rubs herself. Your strokes match up and pick up speed as you bothrush to climax. She knows from now on she won't be lonely when herboyfriend isn't around. Now with big brother's big cock just one doordown.
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