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A Quickie Before Dinner - Katy Rose Smartphone

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A Quickie Before Dinner - Katy Rose Smartphone

Katy Rose looks incredible in her work attire. Beautiful black hair,piercing blue eyes and an outfit that complements her perfect skin.Katy's classy and elegant style always gets you hard as fuck,especially when you can hear her high heels clicking on the hardwoodfloor. Katy Rose is leaving for a meeting at work, but you can't standletting her fine ass walk out the door without getting some action foryourself. Katy Rose wants your cock too and as long as you promise tomake it a quicky she will let you have some fun before she leaves. Itsall you can do to not blow your load while she sensually strips foryou and stares into your eyes while she pleasures yourself. Don'tworry though, Katy won't be happy until she feels your hard cock deepinside of her perfectly shaved pussy. Sure, you promised not to make amess but you can't help but make a mess when you blow your load on herstomach. Katy Rose may be a bit late for work but this afternoondelight was just what sheneeded.
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