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Mommy's Care - Anie Darling

Anie Darling is a pretty, but shy college coed. She never has thenerve to talk to boys at school but loves coming home andmasturbating. Lately, she has developed a crush on her handsomestepfather. She has found plenty of VR scenes to fuel herfantasies. Getting bold, she took a picture of her stepfather's cockwhile he was taking shower. In this VR porn video, Anie decides to usethe picture of that big hard dick while she masturbates. Looking athis magnificent meat makes her panties wet and she slides her fingersbetween her lips. Using her vibrator she imagines her stepfather's bigcock sliding in and out of her horny hole. She is so busy drivingherself crazy that she doesn't notice when Laura Booblock comes homeand catches her. Anie is embarrassed, but Laura tells her that whatshe is doing is natural. Then she insists on looking at the picture onher phone. She recognizes her husband's cock right away and isshocked. Laura understands though and decides that if Anie is going tolearn to please herself, she might as well learn to do it properly.The first lesson is how to get the nipples warmed up. Though herbreasts are nowhere near as large as Laura's, Anie's nipples get hardand her whole body is awash in a warm wave as plays with them. Sittingright next to horny Anie, the busty brunette shows her each step ofthe way, all the way to slipping fingers into their hot, wet holes.The first lesson isover.
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