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Free Hugs - Natasha Teen Gear vr

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Free Hugs - Natasha Teen Gear vr

Natasha Teen has always been an opening, loving young woman. Troubledby the things she sees in the world, the pretty teen decides to godoor to door with a sign offering free hugs to make the world a betterplace. In this VR porn video, she visits the home of a mysterious manwho lives on her block. No one ever sees him and there are all kindsof rumours of what creepy stuff he gets up to behind the doors of hishome. Believing she can make whatever darkness is in his life go awaywith a hug and some positivity, Natasha knocks on his door and triesto get the man to hug her. When he gets his arms around her, hesqueezes tightly and will not let her go. Natasha can feel his hardcock in his pants and is frightened at first. She realizes that hewants more than a hug and finds herself oddly attracted to him. Hebends her over his lap and spanks her ass and with each strike,Natasha finds herself more willing to obey his every command. She hasnever been so turned on in her life and has also never seen such ahuge cock as the one the stranger pulls out to shove in her mouth. Itis big in her mouth, but she does her best to suck it just the way hecommands. A BJ is not enough though and he bends her over to push hisdick into her pussy. He stuffs her hard and then shows her the kind ofhugs he wants. He wants her tight asshole hugging his hard cock. It isthe first time she has had anyone fuck her ass and Natasha loves beingtaken and ends up with his cum in her mouth.
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