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Smoking Hot, with Monique Woods

Monique is tall, slim and lithe. She wears clothes that show off her beautiful shape. The tight, skin hugging blue shorts she wore tonight when out dancing made many want to find out what was underneath. Monique knows she has power. She likes to use her height to look down on her men. Even the sweet smile and soft features belie a dominant harder side underneath, waiting to control those around her. For now though, back home after her night out, Monique is all about relaxing. Stretching her long limbs out over the sofa she listens to her favourite ambient tunes to wind down. But the more she does, the more aware she is of her own body. Caressing her soft pale skin under her clothes, she soon feels the need to take them off. Now gently moving her hands over her small pert breasts, tight hips and along the inside of thighs she feels so turned on. That taut, hard stomach feels so good as does the sudden change to the soft smooth feel of her little pussy mound. It’s not long before Monique has her fingers moving along her lips and inside her wet hole on the way to a lovely orgasm. Afterwards she lights a cigarette and enjoys the way the smoke curls from the corners of her mouth, watching the little wisps disappear into the room. Still naked, sitting up straight and strong with a cigarette is a position Monique likes to adopt above her men. Looking down, through a cloud of smoke it’s obvious who is in charge.
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