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It’s difficult to look at thigh high black boots without thinking about sex. They’re not the kind of thing you wear by accident. When Darcia puts on her kinky boots it’s because she feels a certain way, her mood playful. She feels sexy in them and loves how the long black expanse of leather tightly caresses her skin, somehow echoing her dirty thoughts. Appearing in her boots and black lace underwear Darcia clearly has something on her mind today. Walking in these heels is something of an art. A woman can be dominant, fully in control of every spiky step or like a young gazelle, unstable, tottering, in danger of falling but still somehow very hot. As Darcia walks down the stairs you decide which of these she is. Watch her playful teasing at the bottom as she thrusts her ass cheeks toward you whilst gyrating like a pole dancer. On the sofa Darcia continues her caressing. She runs her hands though her hair, over her soft olive skin but always ending at the supple, clinging leather of her boots. Soon her fingers are inside her bra and panties then quickly removing them, leaving her naked except for her legs. She has a little collection of whips and paddles for situations just like this and uses them to feel the sting on the skin of her thighs and pussy. This alternating with her now probing fingers leaves her wet and wanting more.
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