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Sushi Date - Barbara Bieber Oculus 5k

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Sushi Date - Barbara Bieber Oculus 5k

You're not the only one who's afraid to say "I love you" for the first time. Since you started dating Barbara Bieber, you've been waiting for the perfect moment to say it but sadly, you haven't found it yet. You thought about doing it after a party with some friends but they cancelled it last minute. However, that didn't stop Barbara from having a sushi date with you, so you made the most of it and said what you've been dying to tell her: "I love you". As soonas you got the first bite, she was already on top of you rubbing her pussy with your tongue for you to play with her clitoris and you both started enjoying this adventure in virtual reality porn. It's not that much about the right moment to show your feelings but to feel 100% confident to do it. Having your girlfriend's body so close to yours and fucking with that passion was more than enough to look directly into her eyes and say the magic words.
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