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Sex before going to beach - Keira Flow Oculus 5k

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Sex before going to beach - Keira Flow Oculus 5k

Dude is relaxing on his bed but Keira Flow feels bored. She wants to do something or at least to go on a walk but the dude wants nothing. Finally Keira Flow tells him she wants to spend the day on the beach but her boyfriend still feels too lazy for that. Hottie tries to think out at least one reason to make him leave the comfy bed and to warm up in the sun. Finally she tells him that there will be a lot of beautiful girls in sexy outfits and she doesn't mind him staring at them. Dude loves that idea and even agrees to get up and change clothes but does that so slowly that Keira Flow sees no way out but to give him blowjob. Poor babe hopes it'll speed up him at least a little bit. Well maybe or maybe it will make him stay in bed all day long.
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