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Bikini Time - Katy Rose and Lexi Dona Oculus 5k

Your girlfriend, Katy Rose and her friend, Lexi Dona, were missing the bikini time. That's why, before enjoying the sunbeams, they tried on different bikinis to choose the right one. When you walked into the roomand they saw you weren't ready yet, the decided to give you a hand. Ifyou are planning to go to the beach, you'd better take note of the following steps (specially with the current situation): first, taking your clothes off, then being completely soaked after feeling their tongues licking your cock while you play with their vaginas to get them wet, after that, a bit of warm-up doing cowgirl and missionary positions and, of course, cooling off cumming in their mouths and they playing withtheir clitoris until having an orgasm full of emotion. Now you are ready to enjoy the Summer of virtual reality sex.
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