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VR Hypnosis Trainer [GearVR]

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VR Hypnosis Trainer [GearVR]

"So this one here I basically started with the idea of trying to condition myself to better respond to snap triggers in erotic hypnosis files. I wanted each snap in the file to represent a stroke of some sort down your cock. I thought if watching a VR compilation where you hear a snap trigger for each stroke would allow you to focus on visualizing it and reinforcing your response to it. So for the whole duration of this, every down stroke will play alternating left/right snaps. I also layered in clips that I liked from shibby as well as some of the music tracks she used and a few others to fill in the empty space. Ideally what you’d do is just zone out and watch / listen while trying to visualize each stroke. You can even play along with your own hand with the snaps as well."
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