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Adult Love Day – Cindy Shine (Oculus 5k)

Talking about our sexual desires is one of those things hard to do. And specially, to carry them out. You have been thinking for some long now how it would feel being with someone older than you. There’s something in their experience and way of thinking that has always caught your attention. After so long you decided to download the app of Woman POV to meet people and there he was. What really got you from Erik Everhard was his smile, and you didn’t hesitate in inviting him to your place. He started kissing your neck (you absolutely love that), pinching your nipples to get them hard, licking your neck until reaching your clitoris and playing with his fingers in your vagina until you both wanted to feel inside each other. We usually worry about what people may say, but when it comes to satisfy our sexual desires, we need to listen to that voice and feel confident enough to satisfy them. Erik Everhard, Cindy Shine
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