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Dear Diary, Jackpot! – Bella Rose, Naomi Woods (Oculus/6K/Remast)

In this teen drama VR porn, your gorgeous blond girlfriend, Bella Rose suspects that the captain of her cheerleading squad, Naomi Woods only got her position because she secretly fucked the coach. Bella’s suspicions are confirmed when you two find Naomi’s incriminating sex tape! You two quickly confront Naomi with the evidence let’s see little Miss Perfect get out of this one! After some plot you start of lying on the bed and W4nkz doesn’t waste any time getting started. Naomi rips off her panties and starts rubbing the pussy up in your face with Bella doing the same right after. After show and tell is over the two of them get to work with a tag team BJ. Naomi is first to take a ride on the magic stick hopping on for some cowgirl followed by Bella taking her turn. Bella then flips around for some reverse cowgirl with Naomi taking the opportunity to do some more masturbating in your face. They trade places with Naomi getting another round of cowgirl and Bella getting round 2 shortly after. They do a little cleaning up by was of a blowjob followed by an intermission to do some "kissing". Once the kissing is over Naomi goes back to some reverse cowgirl with Bella taking her turn masturbating in your face. The scene wraps up with Naomi jacking you off and wasting the cumshot. 43 minutes 12 August, 2016 Remastered June 19 2020
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