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Spicy help from her ex Featuring Jessica Bell (GearVR)

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Spicy help from her ex Featuring Jessica Bell (GearVR)

Many people tend to see only good and bad things in life and nothing in between them. But life is a difficult thing with different situations. Even though Jessica Bell broke up with her boyfriend, they still live together because they rent a flat together and she has no other options. Is it good or bad situation? Anyway, even though she lives with her ex Jessica Bell already met a guy with whom she’d love to creat a long-term relationship. So she is getting ready for a date. She needs to choose a perfect outfit but she can’t cope with the task on her own. Of course she asks her ex for an advice. They start discussing different outfits in her wardrobe and somewhere in the middle of the fashion discussion Jessica Bell realizes that she is still in love with this guy. That idea makes her forget about clothes, date and other dude and focus on her ex’s dick.
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